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I've been talking about doing this for-ev-er, and now I am.
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The Pots

Each pot is lovingly hand built from a slab of clay. Every pot is infused with Florida water, and smoke from my 'Call the Ancestors' incense blend. Once the pot is built, a personally designed 'sprig' is attached. Then the pot is fired, glazed, and fired again. Because the glazes I use are the kind that 'breaks' over texture, no two pots are ever identical—just like the beautiful people who purchase them!

Incense Blends

It all started with my 'Call the Ancestors' blend. This is my own personal signature incense, the one I have been burning for over 20 years. It contains sage, cedar, rosemary, lavender, and lilac. Every herb is there for a particular purpose. While I grow the herbs for my own personal use, the incenses that I sell are blended from a sustainably sourced organic wholesaler so I can assure my treasured clients of its purity. 


I just love these little things! See, I do not like to reclaim clay, so I tend to make large things then smaller things then even smaller things until I make a bead and it's all used up. Pendants and plaques are a fun way of doing just that, as well as using little scraps of clay on fairy houses and other sculptures. Every symbol means something; what calls to you?

Time for Tea

Not only do I make tea mugs, but I also sell tea! The mugs are fully vitrified with food safe glazes, and the teas are hand blended from the same organic and sustainable source as the incense. You could even drink (most of) the incenses as teas—but I'm not sure I want to do that! 

Shawl Pins

Where would I be without my knitting (yes, I know this is crochet displaying the pin; it was easy to grab and showed off the colors nicely, but I do prefer knitting to crochet). The shawl pins were a natural progression of keeping my garments closed (because button bands are a pain and my handmade buttons are often a bit clunky) and using up the odd bits of clay. Win win! 


I never planned on being a chandler, yet here we are. I do enjoy messing with the fragrances. I use a natural soy based wax in the candles, and most of them have wood wicks. They're as vegan as I can make them, and many of them are quite cheeky, too (I've shared one of the more tame ones, here)!

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